Shanghai (Multifunction Wardrobe) by Julia Subbotina
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Shanghai is a major city forging ahead. The name of the wardrobe is a collective image of this city – image of freedom, purity and fluency of line, curiosity about the world around, vision of the future. This wardrobe uncovers for its owner values of life they have never even thought about.
This is multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai”meeting all the requirements of the modern people. Unique features and characteristics of the multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai”: 1. “All inclusive” system: - includes storage places of different volume; - built-in bedside tables being a part of frontage of the wardrobe opened and closed by one frontage push; - 2 built-in night lamps hidden under the outstanding volume on the both sides of the bed; - 2 PIR-based motion sensors built into the wardrobe on the both sides of the bed which is very convenient as allows for turning on and off the light by a slight wave of the hand. 2. Saves the space: - bedside tables built-in; - lights fitted-in. 3. Expands and clears the room space: - mirror overhang volume makes the room deeper; - all shelves are hidden behind the figured handicraft wall. 4. Simple and convenient in operate: - tip-on system – mechanic opening system without handles; - blumotion – gentle and noiseless opening. 5. Simple in cleaning and not a dust collector: - occupies the whole floor-to-ceiling height; - wardrobe doors are hidden; - there are no handles on the wooden part of the wardrobe. 6. Multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai” is created in a special focus of the interior and acts as a separate self-sufficient element.
Design Challenges
I agreed the idea of the multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai” with the customer in the short term. There were some difficulties , because the price always plays an important role. Eventually I found a company in the city of Perm. The multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai” was to a good quality. The manufacturing process of multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai” was proceeding slowly. However, it was carried out . Manual work required patience, not only with the manufacturers- I had to be patient too. As a result, the product did not leave anyone indifferent!
Production Technology
The multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai” is made of MDF- bleached oak-tree, which is an eco-friendly and safe material. The main part of the cupboard is made of tiny wooden shaped piece. The elevation is hand made. It consists of 1500 pieces of kempas and 4500 pieces of bleached oak. They are glued together and covered by several coatings of varnish. A projected part of the cupboard, mirror with UV printing according to designer's sketchers. The picture 1:1 fits in with ornamental wooden bars.
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