Db60 (Active Loudspeaker) by DNgroup
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
One of the designers at our design office has a MUJI wall mounted CD player at home. A design which we all love for its simplicity and iconic expression. The inspiration led us into a design process, wanting to develop and design a easy-to-use wall mounted speaker that will play music in the most encountered format today. Humour is important for us in our daily lives and we wanted to include that in the design as well.
Really designed for users of mobile devices. The design of the db60 speaker builds on the heritage and simplicity of the nordic design language - a minimalistic NO BUTTON design for ease of use reflecting in an original shape The clean design, makes it suitable for mounting whereever great sound is needed.
Design Challenges
We have used a great deal of time discussing the simplicity and ease-of-use vs. tech features of the final product.
Production Technology
The main body parts and the bracket that goes on the wall are all injection moulded in a thick-walled ABS plastic to keep down vibration and standing sound frequencies. The wing comes in two versions a silicone-like textured rubber and an exclusive version milled from one solid piece of ash wood.
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