Amphora (Faucet) by E.C.A. Design Team
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
Amphora serie is designed to connect past and future and gives a chance to experience the basic and functional forms of ancient times.It was not easy as today to make reachable our life source water that days.Man has to live by the water or carry to reach it.While cities were developing they built waterways and street fountains to make water reachable in every region of city.Fountains were reachable for everyone including the visitors of that city.Water was flowing as same as it was flowing in natural spring with street fountains. By developing of man, civilisation and technology fountains slowly changed their forms and joined the inside of the buildings. E.C.A design team designed Amphora Serie to connect the past and future and let you experience that amazing feelings of the ancient times.
The faucets combines the past and the future. Faucet s unusual form comes from centuries before today, but its water saving cartridge brings tomorrow. Faucet retro designed from street fountains of ancient times and brings aesthetic to your bathrooms.
Design Challenges
Most difficult part of this design process was being successful about reflecting the marks of past. In advantage of our facilities location we searched the flow of natural waters and how people carry it into their settlements in ancient Aegean sites. We mixed our culture with the historical patterns that we found. Hardest thing was giving an amazing form to Amphora but the important thing was reaching the simplest point. In the end we think that we are successful about combining the simplicity and past in the form of amphora.
Production Technology
Production processes start with low pressure brass casting. After cooling down raw material sent to machine and milling workshop for bolt housings and etc. Next step is polishing the surfaces to prepare it for plating or painting. After plating or painting parts go to assembly house to find the final form.
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