Conceptual Minimalism (Office Small Scale) by Helen Brasinika
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Informed by conceptual minimalism, the new interiors were designed to relocate a multidisciplinary design studio following a rebranding architectural brief. The target was the interior to reflect the studios aesthetic and environmental concerns. The architectural dialog starts from the scape, yet the building is not a mere accumulation of materials on XYZ axis, but a procedure which allows the essences of space, materials, light and human condition to blend in order to achieve simplicity.
The interior design is striped to an aesthetic, yet not functional minimalism. The open plan space is emphasized by clean lines, big glazed openings allowing in plenty of natural daylight. The choice of a light color palette combined with material and textural variety allows for space and function unity. The notion of architecture as concept is emphasized by the selective use of art pieces which play again with color and texture-finish.
Design Challenges
The floorplan layout and the buidlings orientation determined basically the initial limitations. The studio to retain its minimal ambience, was in need of storage and filing space which was arranged as wrap around the elevator box. The absence of 90degrees corners determined the need to destract from vertical planes emphasizing horizontal and a more dynamic view of the space.
Production Technology
Plaster and mineral aggregates, lacquered wood ral 9016, brushed and waxed oak veneers, metal office furniture. The furniture was custom designed and produced not only for the sake of design and function, but also to allow for the symbolic nature of materials and structures to emerge. Lighting is mainly led and linear accentuating planes, vertical and horizontal.
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