Stream Beam (Espresso MacHine) by Nur Yıldırım
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
Inspired by the flow of water through coffee and coffee through portafilter, Stream Beam has its unique form in a streamline yet modern fashion. Flowing and glowing at the same time, it is created to appeal to senses.
Stream Beam Espresso Maker is designed for home baristas that want luxury and simplicity at the same time. Reflecting sensual process of coffee making, Stream Beam gives response to its users with changing colors. Controlled via its portafilter, it blends traditional coffee making techniques with modern and technological ways. Designed for experienced users that are open to discoveries, Stream Beam aims to encourage its users to perfect their shots and coffees with uncertainty and lets user to try and discover new ways. Emphasizing visual and tangible aesthetics, surfaces are created to touch and look at. Sensuality of coffee making process are enhanced with a multilayered experience. With thermochromic surfaces, unique marks are created each time a coffee is made. Stream Beam Espresso Maker offers a social and artistic way of coffee making is offered, where a barista can perform his act in front of an audience. As a luxurious and technologically advanced product, Stream Beam is intended for experienced users that want to experiment their skills with simplicity. Like example of Leica cameras in photography, it aims to offer a visually superior product for contemporary kitchens with its streamlined sculpture look. Satisfying its user as a high-end espresso maker, with its usage qualities and sensual responses.
Design Challenges
Challenge was to create a home barista experience where interaction between product and user should be designed to offer a unique way of making coffee.
Production Technology
TUIs are included in product in order to provide a combination of digital and tangible interfaces at the same time. Touch surfaces along LED lights to communicate product status beneath the surface are used. Ambient light colors offers both functionality and adds to product environment and experience. Gestures are enabled for smoother movements. A pressure sensor helps with tampering action. Also rechargeable batteries are placed within portafilter-control. Alongside technologies, material choices are also aimed at enhancing the experience of coffee making. With glossy plastics, stainless surfaces with chromes finishes and transparent areas, product stands as a luxury appliance. Thermochromic materials are used on the top and front surfaces to deliver a unique experience each time with heat.
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