Thea (Theatre Chair) by Maria Baldó Benac
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Winner
Everyday objects like our home furniture create a world with infinite posibilities for the kids imagination. The aim was to design a chair to boost kids' full imagination as well as make adults smile.
This theatre chair's focal point is the back, which can be used as a stage. There is a drawer in the bottom part, which once opened, conceals the backside of the chair and allows some privacy for the 'puppeteer'. Kids will find finger puppets in the drawer to stage shows with their friends. Silence please, the show is going to begin.
Design Challenges
At the beginning there were two challenges. One was to get an easy way to transform the chair into a theatre. The other one was to design the curves of the chair taking in account production issues. Once designed, we came across a new challenge. When you design for kids, the security norm in very restrictive. The design had to be adapted to fit the norm. We worked to make the change without changing the look of the chair.
Production Technology
Thea Chair is made of plywood. Lateral parts are cut by numerical control process and finished in natural varnish. Seat, back and drawer parts are curved and lacquered finished to get the desired colour. The lid drawer is made of whiteboard then children can paint and erase as many times as they want. Textile finger puppets are included inside the drawer.
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