Dragon (Gas Range) by Global Consumer Design
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
The company is one of the largest appliance manufacturers worldwide. However, the brand is struggling for product leadership in the cooking segment. The main challenge was to design a distinguishing product that could become a market leader and against the main competitors. Mexican cuisine's nature requires an important amount of time and work for preparing ingredients and cooking. Therefore, the importance of the range as appliance involved in the process is relevant. This also means that consumers in Mexico tend to be traditional in habits and behaviors. So, the first and most important issue was to find exactly the balance between being innovative without exceeding to challenge the consumer mindsets. On the other side, the business: cost was a big issue. Questioning each designed part, component and finish by product development, technology and finance teams. Defying the company´s mindsets to propose new concepts like tilted knobs, integrated LED lights and full stainless steel shaped product was complicated even before considering the manufacturing challenges implied.
The product is a 30" wide built-in and free standing stainless steel gas range with integrated oven, glass window and cast iron grates. The product's line-up includes versions with glass lid, electronics and different kind of features according to the brand promise and the behaviors and believes of the Mexican consumers.
Design Challenges
The company´s internal team was in charge of course of the design, but other important elements that define the excellence was the strategies around the design. The design guidelines were under an accurate strategy of visual brand language in order to translate the existing brand promise into this product. Also, the definition of colors, finishes and materials that could deliver a perfect match between the components was assured as well as all the graphics and communication in the product. The design team was able to create an excellent product and also beat the mindset that Mexico is just for manufacture. This product shows the capabilities and skills of Mexican designers adding value to a global company through design that make sense to the users, along with all the stakeholders in the company.
Production Technology
List materials used: Stainless Steel Enameled Steel Aluminum Cast iron Glass Injected molded PBT Prepainted steel sheet Production method: Die-cut cook top and manifold Embossed side panels Injected handles Pre painted steel sheet Floated tempered glass Chromed oven rack
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