Opus Grande Princess (Watch) by Kyoung Kim
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
a passion to design and create the ultimate timepiece.
The pursuit and passion for the perfect timepiece has brought forth the birth of Aritani watches. The four main diamonds on the face of the watch is our signature design, and can only be created at Aritani. Our master craftsmen personally handcraft all our watches, thus creating the ultimate timepiece. This 18k white gold watch features over 43 carats of princess and round cut diamonds, including the 4 main diamonds on the face of the watch.
Design Challenges
That hardest part of designing this watch is adding in the large diamonds on the inside face of the watch underneath the needles. Proves to be very difficult with the diamonds having to be between the watch movement and the needles of the watch.
Production Technology
Approx 200 grams for 18k white gold. 43.4 carats of princess and round diamonds. Pave and Bezel setting on the face and head of the watch. Invisible setting on the band of the watch.
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