Blossom (Articulating Light Fixture) by Jesse Stefani
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
The inspiration for designing this lamp came when watching a television show featuring San Francisco artist Reuben Margolin. Margolin built these wonderful kinetic sculptures from strips of wood and nylon cord. The next day with the show fresh on my mind, I went to my studio and the preliminary design concept was set in motion.
This fixture is an example of looking outside the box...Instead of using an electronic wall dimmer switch to set the mood, this lamp uses a series of Bronze pulleys and stainless cables that articulate eight bent birch arms. Using a hand crank located on a wall near the power switch the user can raise and lower the diffuser arms to trap or release the desired amount of light for the occasion.
Design Challenges
The biggest obstical I encountered when creating this project was developing an understanding of how pulley systems worked and how I could apply them with the design restrictions I had in getting it to function smoothly.
Production Technology
With the help of C.A.D. I was able to use the computer to solve all the engineering functions of the steel framework with regards to movement. Next, the 1/8" steel plate was sent out for water jet cutting minimizing costs while keeping tolerances within .001" All of the pulleys were spun, molded and cast in-house and made of bronze. The diffuser arms are made of bent birch and required me to make a special mold template to laminate the wood to the desired form.
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