Lollipop (Tongue Cleaner For The Kids) by Cliff Shin
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Winner
I had inspiration while I was watching a kid eating lollipop.
Lollipop is a tongue cleaner for kids. According to American Dental Association, teeth and mouth cleaning has significantly improved the oral health of Americans, and it created a competitive industry of oral hygiene products. However, in spite of significant commercial and professional emphasis on cleaning plaque from teeth, a surprising omission in hygiene has been made—the tongue. It is where millions of microorganisms live and causes not only emitting a strong malodor, but also contributing to halitosis and tooth decay. Although parents encourage their kids to both brush their teeth and clean their tongues, the kids tend to skip cleaning their tongues because cleaning tongue causes gagging, which is very unpleasant feeling. Lollipop help kids to clean their tongues because it is not only fun shape, but also fun to use. No more gagging is necessary while cleaning their tongues.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was to find a solution that kids would not resist on using the product for cleaning their tongues. Many kids who brush their teeth often skip cleaning their tongues because it causes gagging and it is very unpleasant feeling. Another big challenge was to find kids’ insight in order to derive design cues that the kid would enjoy and use the products voluntarily. Finding proper material was a critical point because it is the products for children, which mean that the material should have no Bisphenol A (BPA). The material is Tritan by EASTMAN and has no Biphenol A. Because it is a product for kids inside of their mouths, it should have to have easy cleaning process in order to keep the product clean and safe.
Production Technology
Material :Tritan by EASTMAN (BPA free) and silicon for handle part Technology : Injection Molding and over molding for handle part
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