Wasbar (Laundromat) by Ruud Belmans
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The main goal was to create a living room feel throughout the entire space, creating a custom look, inspired by all things laundry related. Wanting to use second-hand furniture we looked into the whole upcycling trend. Custom made lamp shades were created out of the cheapest metal cloth hangers and old cabinet drawers from second-hand stores were installed vertically against the walls to create frames for objects and menu boards.
Wasbar is a combination of a bar and a laundry salon where twenty- and thirtysomethings can come to do their laundry while chatting and meeting others doing the same. A concept this unique called for an equally unique setting, so Pinkeye designed a delightfully eclectic mix of vintage furniture, custom objects and, naturally, washing machines - opting to put them on full display as is, instead of trying to mask them.
Design Challenges
There were a couple of challenges: - on a technical level, a laundromat needs a lot of plumbing and we wanted all of this out of sight. - on a design level, we felt there was a strong need for a strong identity for Wasbar, as others would fast want to start the same idea. Pinkeye created the graphic identity as well as the interior concept with the pastel colour palette and upcycled drawer frames.
Production Technology
Materials used: - Floor: restored original wooden floor - bar: Winckelmans tiles - furniture: painted second-hand chairs, tables and sofas and drawers upcycled into wall frames.
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