Festival Village (Arts Hub) by TILT & LYN Atelier
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Social Design Award Winner
We are a collaborative design practice, emphasising social design. We wanted to create a vibrant, socially engaged community arts Hub in the centre of London's South Bank. What attracted TILT to this project was the extent to which the client was willing to embrace our collaborative design approach and recognise its potential as a tool to inspire participation and build community. We were also inspired by the challenge to make the space almost entirely from recycled materials.
The Festival Village was designed as the social hub of the Festival of the World, a summer arts festival organised by London's Southbank Centre in 2012. There were three key principles. First, that the space was regenerative, bringing new life to an underused part of the Southbank site. Secondly, that the space was conceived and delivered through the participation of the local community. Lastly, that the space would function as a hub for all the 4000 artists performing as part of the festival.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the project was creating and curating the community. We worked with the client to appeal for volunteers, held regular workshops and used social media to help them stay in touch. Having a diverse range of participants, from students to retirees, was a challenge, as we needed to find activities that suited all levels. Comaking raised building compliance issues. We employed expertise as required. It was crucial to abide by the law and prove that spaces can be made in this way
Production Technology
We used a methodology rooted in codesign and comaking. We built a community of 200 local people, including artists, young people and staff to deliver the space. By applying an adaptable approach to the design, we maximised the use of the space, incorporating a cafe, cinema, meeting rooms, lounge, library, bar, outdoor area, and performance space all within the one space. A blog, Facebook and Twitter account were created and regularly updated by the community, feeding the momentum of the project.
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