Redefinition (Creative Remodelling) by Helen Brasinika
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The commodity in terms of Karl Marx's critique of political economy as an object or good produced by human labour was the driving idea behind the design concept.
The customer defined the desired outcome as keeping the mountain context, without emitting stereotypical rustic remembrances of existing mountain residential typologies. It involved a major renovation, of a common mountain house. The aim was to create a a space where everything would be manufactured on site, using basic materials metal, pine wood and mineral aggregates, human labour and expertise. The main idea behind that was to let the objects acquire use and sentimental value when the owners would start feeling them as useful and pleasant.
Design Challenges
The project following sustainability and bioclimatic values in house remodelling, had to utilise maximum natural daylight, a design lighting scheme using only led lighting sources and emitting the feeling of light candelas using very low light color temperatures. This had a serious impact since the customer desired to leave the existing shell and openings intact.
Production Technology
Emmiting the architectural feeling of black burnt metal and volcanic stone. Constrcuctions and levels of nightime and basic traffic patterns were defined by black metal, mineral aggregates defined the floorplans, wet areas and main elevations while pine wood defined the storage areas. The color pallette was reduced to minimum contrast and low saturation in order to let the materials and textures define the context of the project redefining prevailing mountain houses of rustic country feeling.
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