Viewlite Plus (Dynamic Monitor Arm) by Tijs Horn
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Engineering and Technical Design Award Winner
Minimalism was key while designing this product, mechanically as well as cosmetically. Using a new technology enabled us to design a slim product since it does not have to house a bulky spring. The industrial design for this monitor arm is centered around elementary shapes and clean lines, which created a timeless design.
The ViewLite Plus dynamic monitor arm is a unique product. Instead of using a conventional height adjustment mechanism based on either a coil spring or gas strut, it uses Single Direction Bearings (SDB). Our SDB mechanism completely balances the chosen position of the monitor. It provides enough friction to prevent the screen from sagging, and almost no friction at all when the user is moving the monitor upwards. This method completely eliminates the necessity for springs or gas struts. Because of the constant force applied in conventional mechanisms to counter balance the monitor weight, a hazardous situation can arise while this load is removed. The ViewLite Plus lacks this constant tension and is therefore entirely safe under all circumstances. Also the need for tweaking the monitor balance belongs to the past since any and all other hardware (i.e. laptops, tablets or different sizes and weights of monitors) will not affect the balance and previously set height position. When compared to coil springs and gas struts, the life-time of our SDB mechanism is far greater than anything currently on the market. Additionally, the use of recycled aluminium as a main material and implementing design for disassembly further improve sustainability. Because of the open extensions of the ViewLite Plus, cable management is unlike anything else. It has become an integral part of the design. The quick-install-release-system simplifies installation and disassembly, which is a big time-saver. Especially in large projects.
Design Challenges
Tijs Horn did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Viewlite Plus Dynamic Monitor Arm.
Production Technology
Recycled aluminum and plastic are used to produce this product, die cast aluminum makes the ViewLite Plus easy to recycle.
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