Infront of My Toes Lies The World (Theatre Design) by Johanna Mårtensson
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Performing Arts, Style and Scenery Design Award Winner
I was watching a lot of road movies, to get this particular feeling of a constant journey in the play. I was looking at motorways, buses, vehicles since there was a lot of those written in to the sript. When my son, perhaps inspired by this, wanted to build up his car track, the sollution for this playfull "roadplay" was clear for me.
As in a roadmovie the actors move fast from scene to scene in an ever ongoing journey. I gave them a space that is the road they travel, an enlarged cartrack or a miniature motorway. It surrounds the audience and includes them in the action, they perform infront and around the audience. Every detail from the real world, such as their parents house, cars they meet, illustrated by remote controlled objects that travel around the car track. The reality they create is enhightened with oversized objects they bring on stage.
Design Challenges
It was a challenge that the script contained a bus, some cars as essential elements in the play, when I finally came up with the car track idea with remote controlled vehicles the sollution seemed easy. This is a touring play, so it had to be transportable and built within an hour.
Production Technology
This is a touring theatre piece, so it is built as a classical car track, with pieces put together. It has folded legs so that it becomes flat for transportation.
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