Puncheart (Squeeze Punch) by S Cube Design Lab
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Social Design Award Winner
An inspiration for our project was the existing system of donation and the unattractive, unremarkable donation boxes often found in supermarkets and small stores. In fact, most markets have at least one donation box. However, people tend to just pass these by. Based on this, we thought about a method to encourage donation. Prior to developing some solutions to this issue, the problem of present donation systems is that donors don’t know where their donations go to. That is, the donations are quite one-sided in that once a donation is given the donor has no idea of where the money will be distributed or to who it will be given to. In addition, people have to go to a specific place to donate their money; a supermarket or store for example. Through the analysis of these issues, we created the innovative concept of a punching tool which allows the user to make their own personalized donation boxes.
This project is focused upon the design of the new concept of a punching tool that is able to make a hole large enough for a coin. This ability gives this project its unique edge and innovative design. With this punching tool, we are able to produce our own coin boxes by ourselves using empty bottles. These can then be used as donation boxes, with the money we save being donated to the third world. It is not only a tool for giving money, but also for sharing our love with one another. After donation, donors can receive feedback via UNICEF, such as photos and letters, from the people who received the money.
Design Challenges
The most creative part of Puncheart is that it can make people volunteer to donate by making and designing their own coin bank and then depositing their own money. Through those activities, it is possible for donators to find more meaningful experiences and value in their donations, which means providing a more emotional donation experience. It may be easy to throw money into public donation box. However, using Puncheart can convey the meaning of sharing life between the donator and beneficiary in that they donate what they have used and collected for the beneficiary. However, for many people, the third world is hard to imagine. As a result, it is challenging to catch what peoples’ real difficulties in life are and what they need most. That is why we try to attract people to give financial donations. Finally, we revised the design concept toward not just giving money but communicating with each other in a system of donation.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the Puncheart Squeeze Punch by S Cube Design Lab is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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