Knauf Arena (Exposition Space) by Kerem And Begüm Yazgan
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Hat & Dome Shapes inspired the designer. Enlarged shapes turned into flying objects. Then, each object which is representing a unique category, lightened with a different color.
“Knauf Arena,” was one of the largest temporary expositions of its kind. Consisting of a 10,000 m² area, “Knauf Arena” was designed with a “built-up in 5-6 days, taken down in a day” concept in mind. By re-creating the interior space of the exhibition hall, “Knauf Arena” became a platform with which Knauf, a world leader in construction materials, showcased their re-branding and re-structuring efforts through the display and demonstration of their new products. Knauf’s product line consists of over 1200 products and over 150 ‘systems’ comprising of these products. With their re-structuring in mind, Knauf separated these products into 7 different expertise categories. Designing a method with which to display the products and systems, designers focused on the idea of a 360 degree un-obscured view of the entire interior. The space was divided hierarchically, with the multi-functional “event plaza” at the central core. Encircling this activity center was the circular arena-like steps that created a seating/standing platform. Beyond this were there seven color-coded display stages topped with floating cone-like structures exhibiting the 7 systems and related products. Strewn between these stages were the 1200 products creating a sort of “product field,” further connecting the visitor to the brand. Encircling this was the 255 meter long “product wall” separating the main stage from the 24 performance and demonstration rooms. During the eight month long group design and production period, the cone-like structures were formed through a design matrix in which they were separated based on shape, category, and function. These cone-like structures not only created a visual but also a structural transformation to the interior with their size, shape, and color. The lighting design of these structures consisted of a three layers of stretched PVC membrane and RGB LED lights. Not only did the exterior of the cone-like structures provide visual excitement, but the interiors were also used as display spaces for moving digital projections. The large glowing floating structures create a sense of curiosity and invite visitors to come closer and discover what is inside. With the colorful cone-like structures suspended in mid-air and the “product wall” hanging 3.5 meters off the ground the visitor’s visual field is never obstructed, supporting the ‘360 degree line of sight concept’ allowing the visitor to enjoy the exhibition from every angle and in its entirety.
Design Challenges
Kerem And Begüm Yazgan did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Knauf Arena Exposition Space.
Production Technology
The lighting design of these structures consisted of a three layers of stretched PVC membrane and RGB LED lights.
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