White Space (Orthodontic Clinic) by bureauhub Baccarini & Hegemann
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
bureauhub strongly believes in the pedagogical value of architecture and design We were inspired by two key aspects: the fascinating high precision of Orthodontics with its fast progressing techniques on one side and on the other children's intuitive responsiveness to their environment. The challenge was to merge these two aspects in the space. Our design aimed to change conventional behaviors, like merely waiting for your visit, by releasing children into a state of self-directed exploration.
WHITE SPACE is an avant-garde private orthodontic clinic for a luminary who is applying and researching the most advanced techniques in his discipline. bureauhub envisioned an implant concept: interior wall surfaces and furnitures merge seamlessly into a continuous Corian white shell where cutting edge medical technology are implanted. The plug-in components are ranging from ergonomic deformations like coat hangers or toothbrush holder up to technical implants like touchscreen, control buttons for x-ray or TV screens for medical information. Since most patients are children, bureauhub architecture aims to tickle senses and curiosity reversing the typical expectations of use transforming a waiting area into a playful self-exploration environment. Core of the patient lounges is a multifunctional furniture designed ad-hoc to entertain children with pedagogical value: on one side three intersecting void spheres form a grotto-like space to be explored, while on the other side a surface equipped with niches for pencils and comic strips is for study and sketching. A playful signage graphic with custom designed icons is positioned intentionally at children’s eye level. It refers to the softly glowing backlit graphic panel indicating the spatial organization of the clinic. Here backlighting is created by pioneer use of OLED lighting modules. The craftsmanship of the detail is recalling the precision and the Orthodontics. Every single detail experiences a subtle spatial presence, accentuating the abstraction and scalelessness of the ephemeral, monochromatic environment in a playful and poetical way.
Design Challenges
A creative challenge was merging and integrating in a one space the technical orthodontic design features with children entertainment ones by keeping a unique design language
Production Technology
The project wall surfaces, furnitures and components are entirely realized in White Corian. Production process for Corian used two fabrication techniques: CNC milling for the cut and graphic icons and thermoforming process for the spheres and curved components. For the graphic backlighting of the corian skin we used Lumiotec OLED technology. OLEDs are ultra-thin lighting panels, next generation energy-saving light source that will help reduce CO2 emissions. For the custom-designed seating system a mould have being injected with integral self-skinning polyurethane foam.
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