Sharks & Rays (Exhibit Identity) by TAXI West
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Create an identity for 'The Secret World of Sharks & Rays' that creates interest and excitement around two of the worlds most fascinating underwater creatures. These species paired perfectly together create a memorable experience that highlights the astonishing and mysterious world they live in.
'The Secret World of Sharks & Rays' allows you to experience the remarkable world of two of the most fascinating underwater creatures. These two species highlighted in unison paired with amazing stories is an adventure unique to the Vancouver Aquarium.
Design Challenges
There is no bigger draw when it comes to the aquatic world than there is to sharks and rays. Sharks are like the bears in our forest, or lions in our jungle – they convey strength and excitement. Rays captivate us with their beauty, from their array of colours to their mystifying movements. The astonishing world of these creatures is filled incredible facts and stories about their senses, hunting techniques and abilities. We paired these species together to create a memorable identity that mirrors the experience only the Vancouver Aquarium can offer.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the Sharks & Rays Exhibit Identity by TAXI West is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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