The Massey Tower (Condominium Sales Centre) by Cecconi Simone
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The Massey Tower takes its name and interior-design inspiration from Massey Hall of 1894, one of Toronto's premier live-music venues. The project’s sales centre is housed within the adjacent Canadian Bank of Commerce building of 1905, a designated landmark to be restored and integrated into the base of the upcoming condominium. The 432 m² sales centre harmonizes period and contemporary design, preserving original interior elements in situ while extending them with new ones. This sensitive intervention maintains the former bank’s historic integrity while relating it to its present-day function as a showroom.
The 432 m² sales centre for The Massey Tower, a 60-storey condominium planned for Theatre Row in Downtown Toronto, is housed within the adjacent Canadian Bank of Commerce building of 1905, a designated landmark to be restored and integrated into the base of the upcoming condominium itself.
Design Challenges
The principal challenges of this design were to create a new interior-design scheme without altering the building’s existing interior envelope structurally or aesthetically, bridging period and contemporary design without pandering to nostalgia and adapting the design as heritage elements were uncovered during construction.
Production Technology
The refurbished heritage entry of the sales centre – with original mosaics and mouldings – is elaborated upon with newly-installed cocoon-like pendant lights and a custom, cold-rolled steel and antique-mirror reception desk. These will be re-positioned in the residence upon its completion. The expansive main gallery, accessed through a portal of velvet swag drapes, is organized into functional zones without partitions. Instead, closing and seating areas and scale model are delineated with traditionally-inspired, custom mouldings; digitally-generated, trompe-l’oeil, custom wall-panels; custom furnishings; and an elaborate mosaic in-the-round, uncovered during the showroom’s construction. Each of these elements will be re-mounted / re-used in the future condominium. The 60 m² model suite –an actual suite layout with some upgrades – features a thoroughly-modern living environment fused with traditional motifs. Contemporary, custom millwork is subtly ornamented with applied decoration. Custom furniture is antique in silhouette yet simplified for an updated, graphic appearance. Seemingly incongruent design details are unified in a subdued palette of finishes, accented with boldly-theatrical flourishes.
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