U-Boat Watch (Flagship Store) by Alessandro Luciani
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Create a luxurious and original store that respects and transmits the brand values and its history.
Creating a comfortable atmosphere in an prestigious environment that lets the customer Immerse in the world U-BOAT, listening to own music and even breathing the scent of its component materials to arrive at a complete sensory involvement. Showcases and displays that can make the show highly persuasive, focusing on detail and materials of the highest quality where lighting enhances the characteristics of watches the product is the only main actor Blending of Ancient and Modern that tells the history of the location situated in a historical building in the center of Milan Italy.
Design Challenges
To create an original and a functional layout in a very small space To find the right style balance between the original historic bricks, stone walls and the prestigious watches U-Boat U-BOAT distinctive materials to create an elegant, exclusive and prestigious boutique. The doorway, to make sure that people were drawn in front of the window
Production Technology
Materials: Gloss rosewood Black Tempered back-lacquered high-gloss glass for the walls Bronzed glass for the internal windows Shelves lined with black “cavallino” leather Armchairs leather Metal parts with gun-barrel gray mirror finish Display cases Lighting with flexible arms LED (branded) with variable optical Veined black marble floors "Venetian stucco" ceiling General lighting and accent lighting with lamps set "No Sign"
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