Prometheus Ilight (Pendant Light) by Ionut Sur
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Inspired by Greek Mythology and the desire to create a unique and interactive project that would reflect the idea/concept of light, knowledge and mathematics.
The project is an interactive pendant light that captures the moment in which Prometheus stole knowledge from the Gods so he can share it with mankind. It is designed using two basic geometrical shapes: the sphere and the cube. -The sphere represents Prometheus light, the knowledge, it serves as a protective shell, releasing it only when the light is turned on. The exterior is covered with wood veneer representing the view/projection of mankind, the first step in understanding. The interior is covered with gold foil representing the complexity and true nature of knowledge. The light from the sphere is warm because it is only a fraction. -The cube represents the source, the Gods themselves and is fitted with a strip of LEDs, generating cold light, pure light. The light from the LEDs also represents the boundary between the two levels of existence/perception.
Design Challenges
The challenge in this design was finding a reliable and simple system to power the motion of the segments. The system required needed to be maintenance-free (no batteries, switches, sensors); simple and compact; reduced weight; to have a fluent motion and to be able to close the segments without the use of electrical power.
Production Technology
- The 'sphere is 60 cm in diameter and deviated using the Golden Ratio, resulting a 37.08 cm in high segment. The position of the segment in relation to the sphere is also generated using the same ratio. The segment is then divided in 5 separate parts that open once the light is turned on and stay open until the light is turned off. - The motion is generated using a spring return actuator, used in ventilation and air conditioning systems. 6 sec. Open / 2.5 sec. Close. - The actuator is connected directly to a master spur gear that turns 5 pinions with a ratio of 3/1. The actuator starts at 0° and is limited, throw the master gear at 8.33° using a 3 point contact with the steel cable supports. - The ceiling cup is a black acrylic cube; it is constructed using a ratio of 7/30 in relation to the sphere. It is fitted with a strip of LEDs and also houses: a 24 VAC transformer; a 24 VAC to 12 VDC Converter and a led potentiometer circuit. - The base material used is acrylic with thickness raging from 2 mm to 8 mm, assembled using adhesive welding. The exterior of the sphere is covered with 0.9 mm Wenge veneer. The interior is covered with 24K gold foil that acts as insulation from the heat generated by the light bulb.
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