Ropo (Dustpan and Broom) by Salih Berk Ilhan
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Idea Design Award Winner
My inspiration for designing Ropo was a traditional toy: weeble wobble. This famous toy is known with its agility to stand upright all the time.
Ropo is a self balancing dustpan and broom set, which never falls down on the floor. Thanks to the small weight of the water tank located in the bottom compartment of the dustpan, Ropo keeps itself balanced naturally. After easily sweeping the dust with the help of the straight lip of the dustpan, users can snap the broom and the dustpan together and put it away as a single unit without the concern of it ever falling down. The modern organic form aims to bring simplicity to the interior spaces and the rocking weeble wobble feature intends to entartain the users while cleaning the floor.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge while designing the Ropo was the weight. To provide weeble wobble effect, the bottom should be heavier than the top. Although the weight was a problem in the first mock-up trials, I reached an optimum weight to sustain the balance and mobility.
Production Technology
Dustpan part could be manufactured with rotational molding and the water tank at the bottom of dustpan could be capped by ultrasonic welding. The broom could be manufactured with injection molding and the bristles of the broom may be produced with plastic extrusion. While the dustpan and broom could be made of ABS plastic, the bristles may be made of PP.
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