Buck (Bbq) by Ruud Belmans
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
We strongly felt that a BBQ could be designed much more on an emotional level while still providing all the technical features of other existing BBQs. The looks of the design are inspired on a simple drawing of a rabbit, so the detailing was done in order to strengthen this look (nose, air holes as eyes, grill handles as ears standing up). For the logo, graphics and packaging we also chose to use simple, non-technical language and look and feel.
Our client Matro wanted to extend their existing line of brand-less standard import products with a range of new products under a new flagship brand owned solely by them. After a series of design and aesthetics explorations the BUCK barbecue was chosen as the first element of this new range. Style and color studies followed, and after the design of all technical plans and production schematics the first prototypes were built and testing for compliance with stringent fire hazard regulations began. Pinkeye was responsible for the design of the barbecue and the whole accompanying brand visual identity of the new higher end range, including logotype, color scheme and even naming. Then we translated these into printed materials, packaging and a website.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to bring some fun and emotion into a overly technical product category.
Production Technology
One specific feature of BUCK is its patented 'Easy Ash Removal System' which makes cleaning and emptying the BBQ after use a lot easier (please see PDF document for details). Materials: steel, powdercoated
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