"emerald"-Project Asia Metamorphosis (Brooch) by Victor A. Syrnev
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
*The idea of “Metamorphosis” collection contains possibility of mythical and wonderful transformation of ONE image into ANOTHER. *GAME and MYSTERY stands close to each other. *The OWNER of objects becomes the PARTICIPANT of a game, it is possible observe the transformation of appearance and content. *He may observe the kaleidoscope of visions, fairy tales, and surprises of the Great Silk Road. *A human being experiences ENTERTAINMENT, ART, PLEASURE, AMUSEMENT, and PASSION. *He gets the attribute of a certain style of life which can be determined as an ADVENTURE.
Character and external shape of a subject allow to change new design of an ornament. In the lively nature one period changes to another. Spring follows winter and morning comes after night. The colors also change as well as the atmosphere. This principle of replacement, alternation of the images is brought forward into the adornments of the «Asia Metamorphosis», the collection where two different states, two unconstrained images reflected in one object. Movable elements of the construction make possible to change the character and appearance of the ornament.
Design Challenges
When I found a simple and robust design, the frame and movable parts on hinges, all other art questions got into a purely artistic decision. But that is another topic.
Production Technology
When I create this jewelry I use my copyrighted technology called "Cloud brocade", which is composed of multiple overlapping and hot fusing precious metals of different colors and shades of one to another. Subsequent forging and cold processing of gold and silver can make the metal surface texture of textile. 14 K Gold, Silver 925 \ 0, Emeralds - 15, 53 cts, Pearls, Black nacre;
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