Edition Richmond (Urban Townhomes Presentation Centre) by Cecconi Simone
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The show gallery re-imagines its automotive legacy and Edition Richmond as art, linking the twenty urban residences to Queen West, Toronto’s leading arts corridor nearby. On exhibit are an assortment of white-painted car parts and a whitewashed Austin America, an installation that doubles as storage for Edition Richmond’s brochures.
The 255 m² presentation centre for Edition Richmond is housed within the former auto repair shop of the defunct “Toronto Transmission & Gear Company.” The unassuming garage on site furnished a serendipitous opportunity to showcase the upcoming infill homes in synergy with the past and present identities of the Downtown Toronto property and neighbourhood. The garage-turned-showroom has been maintained in its original, raw state though repaired and whitewashed. White floors, walls, doors, ceilings and found objects lend an ethereal quality to the transformed space.
Design Challenges
The main challenge of this design was to transform a most ordinary, pedestrian building interior into one that could engage visitors, signalling for them a transition from the mundane to the extraordinary.
Production Technology
The townhome project’s graphical-projection scale model is akin to a modern-day lithograph. The “black-line” floor plans for its “limited edition” homes, printed on canvas, are presented as original artworks in a series. Oversized black-and-white photographs, also printed on canvas, illustrate the vitality of the immediate neighbourhood while counterbalancing the showroom’s all-white interior.
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