Power Lunch (Chilled Fish Lunch Solutions) by Springetts Brand Design
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Packaging Design Award Winner
We wanted to look at ways to increase fish consumption in the UK, particularly at lunchtime or when 'on the go'. Because of the proposed price premium, we thought busy City workers were a key target. We wanted to connect their needs to the health benefits of fish in an engaging and impactful way.
A range of lunch solutions - all containing fish - aimed at busy city workers looking for fast, healthy and inspiring food. The 'Power Lunch' name is a play on the business cliché and intended to convey the nutritional power of fish. The creative execution holds a tongue-in-cheek 'mirror' up to our proposed consumer and the 'kipper tie' highlights the fish content and the recipe through choice of pattern and colours. The 'black tie' and 'dress down Friday' routes were thoughts to further brand engagement as limited edition offers.
Design Challenges
To create a range of products where fish was the hero in a market where the protein of choice is chicken. To bring this to life in a way that we believed would disrupt and cut through in the few seconds it takes for our proposed consumer to make their choice. To communicate the benefits of fish in an inspiring and engaging way through the design rather than around it.
Production Technology
This is a concept design but the intended materials would be carton board, flow wrap inserts and matt black plastic trays for the ready meal range. The shirt collars would be physically constructed with folds in the carton board construction. The reverse side of the packaging would be printed with the fabric textures. The 'shirt' fronts would not be sealed on ready meals but 'flap' open in centre for consumers to view food.
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