Chiromancy (Brooch) by Victor A. Syrnev
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Each person is unique and original. This is evident even in the patterns on our fingers. Drawn lines and the signs of our hands is also quite original. In addition, each person has a range of stones, which are close to them in quality or connected to personal events. All these features give a thinking observer so many instructive and attractive, that allows to create personalized jewelry based on these lines and signs of individual things. This kind of ornament and jewelry - forms your Personal Art Code!
Look at the hands. The lines and signs which are drawn on your hands are the cipher of your destiny. The precious stones predestined to you are your starry talisman. All together it is the code of your personality, which could have the fine art embodiment in precious stones. Such works contain not only the energy of your hand but also the starry symbol of your soul. The jewelry is as exclusive and inimitable as are the unique lines of your palms. It is your starry mould.
Design Challenges
For a man it is important to understand what is carrying by the jewelry that he wears. Where they come from and what does it mean. Some of the jewelry objects store in itself so archaic information, that their meaning has been lost. However, for each person the best known, understandable and recognizable is himself. Therefore, jewelery, incorporating a personal lines and signs of this man, or his relatives, will be particularly expensive for himself.
Production Technology
We use precious metals and stones. Unique Gem, Indigo Tourmaline and Aquamarine, performed by Bernd Munsteiner (Germany). The Form of the brooch, which reflects the palm lines of a real person, is made from a wax casting. Gold 18 + 14 K, Platinum 950\0, Indigo Tourmaline 8, 19 cts Aquamarine 2, 14 cts, Sapphire an oval - 1, 53 cts Diamonds a rose - 4 pieces, Sapphires 5 pieces, Brilliants 30 pieces - 0, 5 cts Opal the Australian 2 pieces
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