Bent (Customizable All-in-One Pc) by Vestel ID Team
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
Mass customization concept fulfilling needs of different user groups on the same product within the nearly mass production limitations doesn't fit with consumer electronics sector. However there is such a need of customization in this fast product sector. A customizable all-in-one (AIO) PC is designed to draw a route for this gap in this market. This project is part of a PHD research study in the field of industrial design. User needs research shaped the customization needs of different user groups on this product. A customizable secondary screen module is attached as a solution and a unique customizable keyboard-calculator combination is proposed for the customizing the AIO PC. Screen sharing is defined as one of the main needs of all groups. A secondary screen is designed in a modular form to create customization. Main functions of the secondary screen for different user groups are listed below: • a screen sharing medium with the customer that still keeps privacy of the PC owner (travel agency-bank-secretary, office,retail) • retail users can share the invoice content with the customer for their approval and they announcements can be made via screen • office users can use secondary screen for showing status of the user (busy, available, etc.) • office users and retail users can use it for showing advertisement videos Calculator is used very frequently by office user groups. Results of calculations are entered to the PC manually by hand. Accordingly calculator is integrated into the PC keyboard stationary for basic users and portably for professional users. Portable calculator is replaced with a media controller for the home user group since AIO PC is used in shared format in the living room and mostly used for media playing activities.Retail user group have a big space limitation on the desk that would affect the design of keyboard. Accordingly users in this group expected the touchpad to be integrated into the keyboard so keyboard is customized accordingly.
Bent All-in-One PC is a customizable All-in-One PC designed with mass customization principle, fulfilling user needs in a better way within the limitations of mass production. The main challenge in this project was to bring out a design that would fulfill different needs of four user groups within the limitations of the mass production. Four target user groups are defined for customization concept: agency-bank-secretary use, use, 3.home use, 4.retail use. These groups are defined with marketing research on the product. A comprehensive user needs research study is conducted for defining differing and customizable needs of each user group. As a result three main customization items are defined and used for differentiating the product for these user groups: 1. screen sharing 2. screen height adjustment 3. keyboard-calculator combination A customizable secondary screen module is attached as a solution and a unique customizable keyboard-calculator combination is proposed. Screen height adjustment is given as an option to the user groups that are in need.
Design Challenges
Customization in the consumer electronics sector differs from other sectors on account of two critical factors:  the complexity of technologies, product development and manufacturing processes  the expected speed to market The consumer electronics market is highly in need of new customization strategies and tools, to challenge widespread use of the existing variety creation approach, which in itself is an expensive approach when scaled-up to many different product offerings. This product brings out a new customization strategy fulfilling different needs of four user groups. Screen sharing is one of the most important needs of all groups except home user group. For this aim a customizable secondary screen module attached to the back side of the main screen. Calculator is used very intensively together with the computer. Keyboard and calculator are combined into a customizable unit. Stationary calculator, portable calculator and media controller are custom units for this combination. Conducting user needs research studies with real users in their own use contexts was challenging.
Production Technology
In reflecting on the work undertaken, it was observed that mass customization brought a large amount of additional complexity into product design and development processes of electronic consumer goods. Accordingly, a new design based mass customization procedure has been developed that divides the necessary work for customization into more manageable steps. This new procedure can be used as a guide by industrial designers for mass customization projects. A comprehensive user needs research is carried out on potential user groups for defining their customized needs. Observational methods and user workshops are used.
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