Xx240 Bms Snb Led Tv (Led Television) by Vestel ID Team
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
XX240 SNB BMS LED TV Series was born with the idea of eliminating the borders visually as much as possible. However, the chrome coated side surfaces highlight the display gracefully. The competitors offer similar products with alike solutions but this product has a step ahead with its cost effective BMS display assembly technique.
XX240 LED TV series include 32", 39", 40", 42", 47", 50" from the most affordable mid -size to the highest segment big size TVs with same design idea offering several options. The display design also belongs to the production company and it is assembled with BMS methodology. Display metal is painted with high quality paint because the design leaves the bezel area open and only frames it with wall thickness of the back cover. So TV seems to be covered with only a thin frame and the illuminated logo area below.
Design Challenges
Vestel ID Team did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Xx240 Bms Snb Led Tv Led Television.
Production Technology
The model consists of back cabinet holding the display and covering all boards. Its side walls visible from the front view is chrome coated with the use of special machinery. The table top stand is robust and still different with its design language barowed from the LED area of TV through the metal bars.
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