Xx250 (Led Tv) by Vestel ID Team
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
In XX252 LED TV Series the main motivation was to create a state-of-art object which can be perceived as status object of new housing of metropolis. The thin frame became real metal to support the main idea while the display itself supports 3D image with high quality Harman Cordon speakers at 47" and 55" dimensions. Distinctive table top stand also integrates the total perspective of the TV to the new era of media.
Borderless TV series of Vestel which is positioned at very high-end segment of consumer electronics. Aluminum bezel holds the display as an almost invisible thin frame. Glossy thin frame gives the product its exclusive image in the oversaturated market. The display drastically differentiate from normal LED TVs with its holistic glossy screen surface inlayed in the thin metal frame. The glossy aluminum part below the screen creates a point of attraction while separating the TV from table top stand.
Design Challenges
Vestel ID Team did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Xx250 Led Tv.
Production Technology
Metal frame is made of aluminum extrusion which has a delicate operation for bending over top corners. The frame section is quite complicated so that both back cover and display is hold together through these details engraved over all. Another extruded and anodized aluminum part is assembled to the front below of the display hiding the electronics details of the panel while giving a visual status element. The same design element completes the TV with its glossy surfaces with the tabletop stand.
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