Xx265 (Led Television) by Vestel ID Team
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
XX265 model serves for all tastes with three different display options at different dimensions. The 22" LED and 24" LED BMS models have very competitive bezel dimensions which are the main discussion point for end user nowadays. 32" and 39" models have different kind of display called direct LED where LEDs are located all over the backside of display directly positioned to the audience. The model has visual enhancement of "real black" where edge-lit products mostly have troubles while still keeping the considerably thin depth compared to the other competitors' direct-led models.
Plastic cabinet design is differentiated from conventional models with overall texture and glossy surface left below the screen for logo and visual illusion. Depending on its BMS method of production the model is very cost effective while still have sense of design touch. The table top stand design has continuous form flowing from back to the audience through its chrome effect bar. So, both the cabinet design and stand design complements each other.
Design Challenges
Vestel ID Team did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Xx265 Led Television.
Production Technology
The model is quite simple by means of assemble of front and back cabinet. but, the mould of front cabinet is quite challenging with the texture all around and partially gloss area. The texture is same as the back cabinet - not so rough sand texture- so that they keep an integrated design element. The gloss area has high quality surface thanks to the front cabinet master batch is polycarbonate.
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