House of The Future (Multifunctional Portable House) by Betina Gomes
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Thinking of ways on using a different rational for optimizing spaces, leveraging its value-for-money and sustainable approach. Creative design solutions reuses the same space for different activities, transforming it in multiple living areas. Globalization has migrated people in and out of cities and countries. Mobility starts being a concept not only for electronic devices but also for commercial sites and why not houses. Imagine you can take your office or house to anywhere. A totally new way of looking at crossing frontiers.
This project has been designed to enable clients the possibility to change layouts, switch living elements according to mood and occasion, adapt different needs at a touch of a button. This only happen due to the use of state-of-the-art technology integrated with mobile devices. The House not only accommodates you but moves with you whenever you need. Proposes rethinking the concepts of home, where living well is not measured by the size of the house but by the functionality of its spaces.
Design Challenges
The House of the Future comes in as a creative solution that provide multi-functionalities which bring practicality to the fast moving way of life in only 32 sqm, enabling people to have a wider range of living areas in a compact space. The few sponsorship and financial support available in the Brazilian market, along with the lack of skilled professionals to provide technical support to the new technologies applied in the design were the main challenges of this project.
Production Technology
Green certified wood frame modules, integrated with certified raw materials, renewable energy systems with photovoltaic panels, rain water colecting systems drains, power saving eletronic appliances, LED lighting, Solar heating water system.
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