Avoi Set Top Box (Digital Video Broadcasting Device) by Vestel ID Team
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
In addition to its technology Avoi aims to differentiate itself from other STBs by its simple and catchy design. Because of the components and the main board inside Avoi, it has a rectangular base. However on the top view Avoi has two round and two edged corners, which give it a simple design. This simple geometry has also been used in front acrylic lens. Avoi consist of a matte black plastic part in the middle and a glossy black part covering it. Ventilation gap exists between these two parts. The glossy part gives the impression of two parts holding edged corners together in spite of it is only one single part.
Avoi is one of the newest Smart Set Top Boxes of Vestel providing mainly digital broadcasting technology for TV users. Avoi's the most important character is "hidden ventilation". Hidden ventilation makes possible to create unique and simple designs. However, inside plastic cover there is a metal case, which is used to prevent the product from overheating. With Avoi, besides watching the digital channels in HD quality, one can listen to music, watch movies and look at photographs and images on TV screen, while controlling these files through UI menu. Avoi's operating system is Android V4.2 Jelly Bean system. Avoi's other specifications are; integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, integrated Bluetooth V4.0, LAN, SPDIF, O/B power supply unit, WPS button, WMM and Miracast. Lastly, Avoi has 2 USB ports and AV out. All of these features ensure a pleasant home entertainment experience for end user, which also upgrades a standard TV from a display to a home entertainment system.
Design Challenges
Vestel ID Team did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Avoi Set Top Box Digital Video Broadcasting Device.
Production Technology
Avoi is easy to assemble as it consists of few parts. These matte and glossy areas are molded in such a way that they do not need painting, thus making Avoi eco-friendly. Avoi basically is symmetrical. However, in order to distinguish the front and the back side of Avoi, it has a unique corner on the front side which consists of three rounded edges while there are sharper edges on the back. Avoi works in perfect harmony with televisions. Lastly, Avoi is also designed within the constraints of RoHS and WEEE.
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