Corporate Mandala (Educational and Training Tool) by Pavol Rozloznik
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Education and Training Content Design Award Winner
This new and original tool was created upon client's request to improve the situation in his company in some effective yet simple way. We have worked with mandalas as team-building tools before so we came up with an idea to create a special mandala solely dedicated to his company and the issues he needed to solve. The mandala that was created used symbols that were solving the client's situation on an unconscious level.
Corporate mandala is a brand new educational and training tool. It is an innovative and unique integration of ancient mandala principle and corporate identity designed to boost teamwork and overall business performance. Furthermore it is a new element of company's corporate identity.
Design Challenges
The hardest challenge was to truly grasp the essence or spirit of the company the mandala was designed for and the issues that needed to be addressed (similar to logo design). The designer must listen to the client very well in the process. He also needs to have vast knowledge of mandalas, symbols and its meanings, great amount of creativity and "inner comfort" as in the creation of each corporate mandala, it is necessary to combine the experience of a creative designer with somehow spiritual experience.
Production Technology
The corporate mandala design can be printed out on a paper, A2 or A1 poster, canvas or glass and the unique design is then colored.
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