Una (Side Table) by Conor McDonald
2013 - 2014, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
design is a process, a series of steps. when, in considering an idea, a logical progression becomes evident, it validates the execution of that idea. this natural progression of steps is evidenced in the seamless integration that is the essence of the una table.
the grace and simplicity of the una are achieved by capitalizing on the inherent strength and flexibility of plywood and the tension achieved through precise design considerations. the strength of the plywood affords volume and structure to the base. its flexibility and resulting tension allow the glass surface to be incorporated. by using traditional materials and manufacturing techniques in an untraditional way, una defines its own space without being foreign, both embracing and challenging the basic principles of design.
Design Challenges
the greatest challenge was to prototype a piece that requires this level of precision, all the while knowing that the technology exists to do so with ease. but, recognizing the simplicity of manufacturing such a piece, served as the greatest motivation to do so, by hand.
Production Technology
eight pieces of 1/16 inch rotary cut maple veneer are pressed together, precisely cut into a common form, bent and fixed together using traditional joining techniques. taking advantage of the inherent flexibility of the plywood, the resulting three legs of the base are pried open to affix the glass surface. the plywood forms are identical, optimizing manufacturing repeatability. the tension of the frame holds the glass surface permanently in place, eliminating the intrusion and additional cost of fasteners.
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