Chezca (Side Table) by Andrea Kac
2013 - 2014, Iron A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The inspiration for this product came from my own experience when working from home. Working from the sofa is not same as working from the desk, and eventually your mobile, laptop, chargers, magazines and extension cords are all over the place. The design itself came to me from the memory of my old dog Chezca, who was always barking and was always leading us fastly through the streets. From this came the idea giving this product a playful side, as well as the general outline of the table, which if seen from the side resembles that of a barking dog.
Chezca is a side table that helps you to gather all the items that normally lay around when working such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, chargers, extension cords and magazines. Designed for small spaces, it takes up minimal space and can be placed anywhere around the house. It offers three usable surfaces: 1- Top surface: As in any occasional table it provides a space for all small objects and gadgets. 2- Inclined surface: Works as a magazine rack/display, and also allows extra space to keep laptops/tablets when charging. 3- Back surface: Small hidden space to keep the wifi router at a handy place, and also works as cable organizer. Its most distinctive feature are the extension cords, an item that is revalued by designing a fun way to use these. These single cords of different lengths can be hanged easily when not in use (leaving the cords out of sight) and pulled out when in use.
Design Challenges
The hardest part was to achieve a simple and easy product that could accommodate all the issues that demanded a solution. Normally furniture that aim to solve some of these issues become extremely involved in the tech aspect of it, or become a box in which to store everything out of sight. For me this wasn't a solution as i always achieve for honest, simple products that show easily how to use them and what they are made for in a fun and whimsy way. It was important to achieve a product that could be purchased by the young people working at small homes, for why great part of the challenge came from making it as simple as posible.
Production Technology
It is made out of two materials : metal and wood. Top part is made in aluminium 2mm sheet, that is folded into shape. Legs are made in Eucalyptus FSC certificated wood, which is eco friendly. They are made by lathed process into cilinders, each is later attached to the metal frame by use of Phillips screws. Its simple technology and production is essential to achieve a low cost product.
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