Sella/Sellino (Stools) by Alessandro Marzio Barra
2014 - 2015, Iron A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Sella / Sellino are born from the observation of two factors: a stool lightweight and easy to carry; possibly a few pieces and an iconic reminder of the object. This can be seen in the form of stools which are essential, and minimal in the structure and shape of the seat that remembers the saddle of a bike (in Italian Sella / Sellino)
Structure simplicity, attractive design, functionality, are stool peculiar characteristics. Seat shape recalls the one of bicycle saddle from which derives its name. Small size, limited number of components, easing in assembly, are optimal features to facilitate its use. The structure made of birch plywood and with a thickness of 2.2 cm, with interlocking elements, allows to achieve object best strength and lightness.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge has been to reduce the section of the structure of the stools without compromising strength and lightness; we decided to use aluminum as the main material to reduce greatly the thickness; however, would have increased the weight and the final visual sensation would have been too 'cold' so we decided to use a birch shown to give a tactile and visual warmer and cozier
Production Technology
The structure made of birch plywood and with a thickness of 2.2 cm
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