Panama Center (Convention Center) by Lauren Stassi
2014 - 2015, Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The genesis of the design is the national symbol of Panama, the Harpy Eagle, which signifies strength, intellectualism, and power. The iconic architectural forms create a sense of movement, inspired by the flight of the eagle. The interiors blend contemporary aesthetics with cultural patterns inspired by the Mola artwork of Panama. The spirit of the eagle influences the monumental interior spaces, evoking the environment of the middle canopy, the Harpy Eagles natural habitat.
The Panama Center for Events and Performing Arts fuses technology and design at the convergence of North and South America. This complex will be the crossroads between the history and future of Panama. Located on the Amador Causeway, at the mouth of the Panama Canal, the site offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the city of Panama skyline. The campus style layout includes a Banquet Hall and Restaurant, Performing Arts Theater, Exhibition Hall, and outdoor amphitheater.
Design Challenges
Our challenge on this project was to take traditional elements of Panamas history and culture, and re-interpret them in a contemporary way. The design needed to reflect the history of the country and the people of Panama, and express the future. Developing this building to represent a new identity for Panama was our goal for this project.
Production Technology
We developed the complex forms of the design using 3-D software. We used Sketch Up to create initial design models. As the project progressed, our team, working in a joint office space, leveraged the powerful capabilities of Revit to understand the complexities of the architectural forms and spatial relationships. We utilized Navisworks to resolve design conflicts and advance the documentation quickly and efficiently.
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