Tangent (Chair) by Joseph Bertucci
2014 - 2015, Bronze A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
To develop a seating piece of furniture that uses geometry to display its beauty through the union of its elements and materials.
The Tangent Chair exhibits the inherent strength and flexibility of plywood. By embracing its own design, the chairs geometry and elements are beautifully blended together in order to unite the overall design. By using plywood and traditional fabrication techniques, the chair ensures a lightness and simplicity in appearance while also retaining rigidity in strength. The end result becomes an elegant and unique way of redefining the chair.
Design Challenges
The chairs challenge comes from its design and bending capabilities. In order to manage a prototype by hand, it would mean to have a high level of precision in the fabrication process.
Production Technology
Production on the chair began after finalizing the double curve design. The molds were milled using a CNC machine and prepped for the bending process. The primary material is bending plywood. These layers were soaked for additional flexibility and adhered together with an epoxy. The material was bent through cross lamination to strengthen the wood and sanded for finish. The final step was applying a layer of hickory veneer on the surface and finishing with a satin clear coating.
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