Binhi (Multifunctional Bench) by Ito Kish
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The idea for the Binhi came about when I decided to do something fresh and a bit more unconventional. Always one to be inspired by what I see in the environment, the shape of the seed caught my eye. I find its rounded forms rather beautiful. Its purpose inspired me as well as it represents growth and the beginning of life. The end result is a three-piece seating that nurtures the growth of life, converges people together, and fosters one's awareness.
Binhi means seed in Filipino. The collection is inspired by organic forms, and of these the seed is primary. One of the most important features of the Binhi collection is its faithfulness to the purpose of the seed- growth. The smallest piece nurtures vibrant crawling greens, while the medium-sized one supports a growing tree. The largest piece seats multiple persons. Here we hope to foster human relationships. It is in communication and interaction with his kind that human beings grow.
Design Challenges
We wanted the rattan to curve and bend naturally, allowing it to guide us on the general shape it wanted to take, while still conforming to the aluminium frame. We believed this would allow for a smoother finish as the rattan would be less prone to breaking or cracking, and would effortlessly embody the Binhi's concept of being one with nature. It was challenging to find a compromise that balanced our vision with the rattan's natural qualities, without us having to fight it and bend it too much in the way we wanted it to look.
Production Technology
It is the Eastern way to coexist and cooperate, thus, we allowed the rattan to dictate the shape it wished to form, and simply helped to guide it as it took shape. The pieces are made of both modern and traditional materials, combining them in a manner that not only highlights its organic appeal, but also showcases the work of local craftsmen. Using local techniques allowed us to underline the conviction that our natural environment is imbued with all the beauty that we need. The Binhi pieces aspire for growth, yet remain perfect in their natural imperfections.
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