The Cava Project (Multifunctional Wine Rack) by Maria-Zoi Tsiligkiridi
2016 - 2017, Bronze A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Most of the times in constructions, the elements of electromechanical installations are "hidden" for matters of aesthetics. When it comes to Cava, the case is the exact opposite; the mounting of the piping takes up the lead role. Cava resembles a building in small scale made of columns and slabs, which can be split or expanded horizontally or vertically, depending on the space available. It is a multiform furniture inspired for numerous combinations of materials, designs, colours and textures.
Cava is a different version of the wine rack, made of industrial materials, mainly used in electromechanical installations, combined in numerous different ways, depending on available space and personal style. It is a building in small scale with columns made of metal and slabs made of metal, wood or marble in numerous combinations of designs, colours and textures. The use of Cava is not restricted in the display and storage of bottles since it can also function as: side table, bar, mini-bar or tasting table. Suitable for residential, or professional use for bars or wine rooms (cellars).
Design Challenges
The challenge involved: a. the design of the finish for the metal slab, in a way that it proves to be user-friendly although it is a purely industrial material and b. the design of the interior of the wooden, solid, retro-design and perforated slabs respectively, so that they could fit in any Cava piece.
Production Technology
The frame structure of Cava is constituted by the columns and the slabs. The columns are made of solid steel, in 3 different heights. Available either with wheels for trolley Cava, or fixed base for free standing or wall-mounted Cava. The slabs are made of solid steel, solid wood or marble with laser-cutting. They function as shelves for object display or drink serving. Galvanized pipe holders that are placed in a sculptural complex, constitute the building block of Cava.
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