Sagano (Chair and Lamps) by Alice Minkina
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The aim of my project was about finding new possibilities and aesthetical features connected to the use of bamboo to find some interesting features of using bamboo in furniture. So I have developed my own technology of rolling bamboo veneer and to use this material in a very innovative way. Bamboo is very trendy right now, especially for environmental reasons, in fact bamboo is so fast-growing that its life cycle is a way shorter than using other trees, therefore making the use of this wood more efficient. Bamboo veneer is having an exceptional texture and mechanical properties and besides having actual environmental impacts, it made the perfect solution for my design.
Sagano bamboo furniture is an innovative eco-friendly furniture set for home; its uniqueness is deriving by its production technology and material implementation. More in detail, the technology is based on a single roll of bamboo veneer rolled over and twisted to form the furniture piece. This technology offers the opportunity to recreate a solid piece of timber in a very sustainable manner and with ease; besides it is offering several creative opportunities that go a well beyond the objects prototyped. For the chair represented in the collection, I used 160 meters of veneer. This technology allows creating unique shapes each time, which makes every piece original.
Design Challenges
I like to make experiments with a materials in order to foster new discoveries and challenges, in this project I simply took bamboo and I started experimenting with it. I found a lot of amazing features during the experimenting process, specifically I fell in love with the durability of bamboo and its wide range of offered opportunities , so it inspired me for my project. Bamboo makes an amazing patterns in the front part of the object, that goes up to main sitting part. My technology perfectly fits with the shape of an armchair. As an individual I strongly believe in the sustainable lifestyle and its importance for the future and in the process of developing this project and finding out that it also has very consistent properties also under these terms, that further confirmed the good direction that I took.
Production Technology
Bamboo is an incredibly multi-functional material ranging from the production of textiles deriving from it, building material, flooring and many others; in the case of my project I've added a further dimension to it by developing a technique to make furniture simply using bamboo veneer. Bamboo represents an old material fostering the future of design and future of life thanks to the high speed life cycles of its production in nature. Technologically the furniture set is based on several strips of veneer connected together and rolled in spiral to create the object.
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