Niop Hacienda (Hotel) by Xavier Abreu
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Given the recent culture of recovering the traditions and give a glimpse into the past, Niop gave us the possibility to change the conceptualization of traditional Mexican hacienda, through a new architectural language that respects the existing elements and embraces the new elements of a contemporary Boutique Hotel.
The project consist of a series of subtle interventions ranged from the generality of reordering the zoning of their uses, to the particularity of solving the most intricate detail of how the contemporary merges with pre-existing in order to properly achieve a whole new use. The interventions of these new occupants within the complex are inserted discreetly and respectfully.
Design Challenges
This project had the challenge to integrate the group of buildings that were previously occupied by livestock and textiles, with the whole new list of spaces that a contemporary Boutique Hotel needs.
Production Technology
Steel, stone, chukum, wood and glass are the range of materials chosen for the intervention. Their purpose is to remind us that the protagonist in this case is not the architecture that loudly says: 'look at me', but the one that humbly lowers his head and lets his elders gain the recognition of aging in a dignified manner.
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