Aquila (Hematology Analyzer) by Maform Design Studio
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Award Winner
The main source of inspiration was the absolute functionality of the object. It had to comply with extreme usage and to be simple enough to be handled by inexperienced laboratory workers. Some of the innovations of Aquila are the reduced size and the simplified testing process. These were the key inspiration sources throughout the design process.
Aquila is an innovative hematology analyzer as it has the potential to change clinical practice and patient care leading to reduced healthcare costs and waiting times. Because of its small size it can free up the desk spaces in offices and it's easily transportable and can be used in any testing scenario. Aquila offers the optimal solution even for the inexperienced users. The Aquila has an external appearance which is simple and functional while retaining a characteristic look and feel.
Design Challenges
In the field of hematology (and medical equipment in general) users are used to outdated and complex user interfaces and operating flows. These are usually dressed up in less outdated graphics. Our goal as designers was to redefine the very basics of interaction in hematology devices. As a challenge, we had to fit new technology with some traditional solutions (in terms of operational parts and medical standards) and create an enclosure that communicates our innovation to users.
Production Technology
Aquila is made of custom made metal, sheet metal and plastic parts. The enclosures are fabricated with moulded plastic. We designed the device to be manufactured with colored materials for injection moulding for extra durability.
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