Formon Core (Desktop 3d Printer) by Rron Cena
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Prosumer Products, Tools, and Machinery Design Award Winner
For our team 3d printing was the closest thing to magic that we have ever experienced. You get to create a physical object directly from digital input. With Formon Core we redesigned the whole printing process in order to give users the feeling that it is creating something almost out of thin air. It is designed as a magic box, that opens upwards while printing and revealing the printed object. After the printing is finished, the user can take the object out and the printer gets closed down.
Formon Core is designed for the end user, as a plug-and-play device. The whole approach in the design process was to remove the perceptual barriers from the user’s sight, such as cables, motors and other technical elements. By removing these items, Formon Core is psychologically perceived as simple and easy to use and consequentially understood on how it works. As opposed to the competitors in the market, Formon Core doesn’t look like a factory machine that is not home or office friendly.
Design Challenges
Kosovo is a very small country with a quite undeveloped academia. The biggest challenge was to have access to certain know hows when the production processes were concerned, material selection, electronics design etc. Formon team had to learn most of the things from scratch, spent months on researching on how to choose materials and production processes that are efficient and that bring costs down. The suppliers were chosen online and for every supplier that we have, we negotiated and exchanged a lot of emails with at least 10 or 15 other suppliers that do the same thing. We now have 15 suppliers and had to negotiate with almost 200 suppliers. We had to research every aspect of manufacturing on how to be as efficient as we can. The same happened with logistics, a process that we had to develop from scratch.
Production Technology
The enclosures of Formon Core are made of high strength polyurethane plastic, that is one of the best heat resistant plastics. The rounded corners on every edge are used in order to make the product look friendlier and more appropriate for any interior office, and to balance the whole design. It is produced with a standard Reaction Injection Molding. The internal structure is made of a composite material sheet on which all the pulleys, print head, linear guides and other moving mechanical systems are placed. Most of the productions is outsourced abroad, since Kosovo lacks the infrastructure for producing such products. Only the assembly is kept in house.
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