Carnival of The Animals (Clinic Waiting Area) by Studio. Ho Design Ltd.
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Our design is inspired by the story of the child book : Noah’s Ark. Imagine we were in the ark; see the view outside through the windows.
Based on the concept of paper craft and pop-up book, we transformed animals’ images into abstracted patterns and lines, cutting them with steel plate, then, painted colors behind the white steel plate to express the image of rainbow, let rainbow presented in this whole area. At the same time, used mirrors to reflect the steel plate; showed scenes Noah lead animals boarding pair by pair. Long mirror-wall reflected light in this space, make it looks relaxing and multi-levels. When children visit, they could ease their tension by exploring around with their imagination.
Design Challenges
This design is a donation case; we had limited fund to made idea achieved. At first try, steel plate is too thin to bend, they always broken. However, if we develop a new mold to warp the steel, it coast way too much. So, it was important to balance both design and construction.
Production Technology
Leaser cutting and bending.
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