Mannerism (Womenswear) by Doyi Park
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
The inspiration is to approach as a Mannerism Artist. It is part of European art that appeared after the Italian High Renaissance. It represents classic artwork, modified in individual perspectives. The characteristic or concept - in terms of Mannerism - is to demonstrate, exaggerate, and transform an intentional disharmony. Shirt, a classic staple, exemplifies formality and wearability, regardless of one's gender and age. As a result, I established and explored shirts as my core theme and inspiration.
I focused my project in creating garments that are both artistic and wearable. Through each exploration of shirts, I found unique silhouettes and implemented them into the construction and prints of the garments. Furthermore, I created various collages to help myself understand and formulate new garment structures within Mannerism art.
Design Challenges
Since I have several structured garments, I had to search for stiff and strong fabrics to create such silhouettes. I encountered several challenges in perfectly creating a three-dimensional shape patters. As a result, I did several paper works to properly formulate desired silhouettes.
Production Technology
Machine sewing, Hand finished, Handsewn, Machine embroidery. Used materials: Wool, cotton, silk chiffon, silk lining, faux fur.
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