Kilt Cult (Fashion Collection) by Fernanda Bueno
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
Emerging from the connection of Celtic and Brazilian cultures, the collection Kilt Cult is the result of delving into the female and male universe and defying the definition of clothing stereotype. In order to merge elements of male and female modeling, a unisex collection was created, bringing the deconstruction of the Scottish kilt through patterns, textures and shapes and disregarding the idea of clothes that the society imposes on men and women.
Made from a study developed by the fashion designer Fernanda Bueno in which the migratory behavior of the fashion industry consumer to the opposite gender clothing section was noticed, Kilt Cult is a unisex collection produced within the Brazilian market acceptance standard in a way that the designer's identity was present. It mixes components from different gender traditional types of clothing, creating a no gender identity.
Design Challenges
The greatest challenge was finding a way to merge the best aspects of men's and women's clothing into one. After much consideration, I chose those elements which best represent the essence of what consumers expressed during the research which preceded the collection's creation. Therefore, the collection uses two very striking prints, vibrant colors and its modeling was developed in a way to fit both men and women very well. Regarding this last aspect, my greatest concern was designing clothes that were much more than simply oversized men's clothes which women can also wear.
Production Technology
All the garments in the collection are either hand sewn or machine sewn. A total of 7 fabrics were used: satin, linen, suede, leather, tricoline cotton, knitwear, doubled knitwear. 4 colors were used: two shades of yellow, one of brown and black. Some of the pieces also have one of two prints: triangular and checkered.
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