Trapesi (Bistro Table) by Phebos Xenakis
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
It was obvious people struggle when attending a public place, cafe as where to put their bag or purse. The challenge for me was to create a system that solves this problem. Preferably I wanted to integrate this system into the design of the table. I wanted the system not to act as an extension but rather as a design aspect of the table itself.
Trapesi offers a unique solution as where to hang your purse or bag at a public place. The legs are indirectly connected with the tabletop through the middle structure. This makes it look as if the tabletop is levitating and creates a more open feel. The four folds are the most important parts as they offer structural stability and functionality.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part was to integrate a system with hooks without ruining the design. It was crucial for the system to be placed at an ergonomic position. The hooks or folds served not only as a design aspect but as a structural and functional aspect as well. Simply put, form follows function. The folds were made very fluent to increase stability and strength. In further development it would be considered a better idea to divide the middle part in 4 pieces instead of one big piece, this to decrease packaging space.
Production Technology
This bistro table is mainly composed out of 3 materials. The legs and tabletop are made from solid oak wood. The part in between with the folds at each corner was coated with a layer of polyurethane. This coating served two purposes. It gave the design a sleek satin look whilst at the same time reduced sharp edges to prevent any damage regarding the bags,purses hanged on there. It gives a more warm and soft feel on the hand.
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